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European Inclusion Summit 2020

Logo: European Inclusion Summit 2020, Jürgen Dusel

What is the state of inclusion in Europe? What are the experiences in the member states? What are best-practice examples of greater participation? On 17 November 2020, Jürgen Dusel, the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities, will host a virtual event to discuss these and many other questions. The event will consist of keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive video conferences.
You can expect many exciting topics and high-ranking guests from across Europe. Stay tuned!

Please use our registration tool to register officially for the event if you would like to participate. It will help us with our planning to know how many people to expect on 17 November 2020. Thank you! Registration

There will be no limits to the number of participants since the event will have a virtual character. Feel free to share information on the European Inclusion Summit 2020 with your networks.

The event will be accessible. This means that it will be broadcasted not only in English, French and German, but also in sign language (German Sign Language and International Sign), speech-to-text interpretation (English, French and German), audio description (English and German) and Easy Language (German). All those interested in our event will thus be able to join us.

If you have any questions regarding the event, we will be happy to assist you (inclusion2020@bmas.bund.de).